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Friday, February 19, 2010

"I didn't see Ray in that bar.....What's handing out play money have to do with the national debt? How many of those people were saved? It must suck to be in a business where one cannot quantify the success of the enterprise. Froggie"

Play money? We should have had you there when the Secret Service seized 8,000 of our Million Dollar bill tracts, saying that they looked too much like the real thing (that they were counterfeit).

See: http://www.christiancinema.com/catalog/newsdesk_info.php?newsdesk_id=222

How many were saved? God knows. He keeps the record. I don’t. Still, it is a good question, so here’s my answer. What you see as business I see as ministry. What you see as failure, I see as success. I am simply planting seed in the hope that it will fall on good soil (a humble heart).

I’m hoping that you, Mr. Froggie, will some day find everlasting life in Christ, something I may never know until eternity is upon us. In the meantime I will keep sowing seed and loving you guys.

Speaking of loving you guys--it might be nice to give away restaurant gift vouchers to atheists again. Anyone interested?

This is not a publicity stunt. There is no ulterior motive. Sue and I pay for these personally, and we don’t follow up with correspondence or show up at your door for dinner. This offer is restricted to within the U.S.