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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Misplaced trust

"Rabbitpirate said...Let's play 'One of these things is not like the others'. Ok here we go: 1. Trust in Doctors, 2. Trust in Banks, 3. Trust in Pilots, 4. Trust in Mechanics, 5. Trust in God. Which of those things is not like the others? And the answer is....Number 5, Trust in God. All the others are based upon some form of evidence that allows them to demonstrate that they are trustworthy. A untrustworthy Bank would not get much business. An untrustworthy doctor would not get a lot of patients. However with God the trust is not based upon evidence but upon faith. You have faith that God is worthy of trust."

RabbitPirate...I ask respectfully--what planet do you live on? You said that "an untrustworthy doctor would not get a lot of patients." Don't you know that doctors bury their mistakes? Medical mistakes are the eighth leading cause of death in the U.S.

You said that an untrustworthy bank would not get much business. They don't need it. They get bailouts.

Do you trust pilots? Did you know that most plane crashes are caused by “pilot error”?

Then there's your faith in car mechanics and manufacturers. Do you have faith in Toyota's mechanics?

You trust everyone but God, and yet He has never let one person down, ever. He is utterly faithful. If you don’t trust Him, that is a flaw in your character, not His.

However, I can think of no greater example of misplaced trust than the faith that believers have in the theory of evolution. They are an example of "blind" faith, with no need for any empirical evidence. The only "evidence" they have is a belief that what they have read or have been told, is true.