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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"Ray Comfort said... 'That leaves us with a knowledge that the only way we can be saved from death and Hell is by His mercy, and then He provided that through the suffering death of Jesus of Nazareth on the cross. Then He raised Him from death, and offered everlasting life as a free gift to whoever would repent and trust in the Savior. No religious book has a message anywhere near anything like the one in the Bible.' See the part right there...as a free gift to whoever would repent and trust in the Savior. That is not a free gift it is a conditional one." Wait What

If that’s what you believe, let me then ask you a question. I have made a leather jacket and want to give it as a gift to a certain English professor. I paid for the leather, created it myself, and I will cover the cost of the shipping from the united States to England. The gift is here in my house? What are the "conditions" attached to it? Isn’t it that he has to accept it? If by chance the professor accepted it, is it no longer a gift? Of course is is. The question is perhaps--is it a “gift” while it sits in my house? The truth is, his reception of it makes it a gift.

So let’s look a little closer at the point that you are trying to make. You are attempting to make a case that somehow God is unjust because you think that you have to do something to get everlasting life. You are saying "Aha, gottcha God! You say eternal life is a gift, when it’s not!"

Therefore you reject the offer of everlasting life because you think it is conditional? Are you crazy? (I say that in the kindest way--as I would say it to a man dying of thirst who refuses the gift of water because it's not a gift if he has to receive it).

Pull back a little and look at what you are saying. God offers you the gift of eternal, and you don’t want it . . . and for what reason?