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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

"Ray, I would be interested in hearing your views on self-defense and when / if lethal force is acceptable when it relates to crime. If someone is about to kill you, can you shoot them? What about if they are stealing your car? Or about to rape someone?" J Diver

The issue of pacifism and self defense (for the Christian) is a matter of conscience. I wouldn’t consider myself to be a pacifist, although some may think I am a part-pacifist, if there can be such a thing--because I have allowed people to do me bodily harm, without resistance.

I was beaten up once when preaching the gospel, but I think I deserved it. A woman used the "f" word when describing me, so I asked her to watch her language because there were ladies present. When she said, "I’m a lady!" I said, "Madame, you may be a woman, but you are not a lady." That’s when she ran forward and beat me to a pulp. It took two weeks for the bruising to go.

I have been chased by an angry woman, and slapped across the face by another lady (woman). When men have wanted to beat me up, I have been able to talk them out of it (there are usually certain things you can say and do to defuse anger). So when it comes to personal self defense against someone who wants to hurt me, I will use my hands, my mouth, or my legs--run (see Matthew 10:23) to defend myself.

If someone was about to rape my wife and I had a gun, I would without hesitation shoot him, starting at his foot and slowly moving up, hoping that he would get the message.

I don’t have a car, but if someone stole my bike it wouldn’t worry me at all. Actually, I would be quite pleased--Wall-mart have the coolest bikes for about $80.