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Friday, March 26, 2010

What Atheists Believe . . .

"Atheists believe that 'nothing created the universe' in the same sense that christians believe that 'nothing created their deity.' So, tell us Ray. What was it that created your deity, if it wasn't nothing?” Pvblivs

If that’s true and you are speaking on behalf of atheists, then they are all believing something that is unscientific. The universe cannot be eternal. This is because of entropy (or the Second Law of Thermodynamics). Everything is running down. It is degenerating--from the sun, to rocks, to fruit, and even your own body. If you leave an apple on your table for a month, it won’t get better. It will get worse--it will rot. Everything material does. That’s common knowledge and a scientific fact.

If the earth was eternal, as you say that you and atheists apparently believe--that it is multiple quattuordecillion of years (plus) old, then it would have crumbled to dust trillions of years ago.

God is a Spirit (he is not material) and He is eternal--without beginning and without end, and He is the Creator of all things. He is nothing like what you conceive Him to be. He is not bound by time or space, is utterly perfect--something called "perfect holiness." When God spoke to Israel they thought they were going to die, because the experience was so fearful. So dash any image you have of an old man in the sky, reaching out to a naked Adam. That’s idolatry. Instead, study the Scriptures and you will begin to understand what you must face on Judgment Day. If you get a right understanding of the character and nature of the One who gave you life, that will bring you to the Savior.