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Thursday, April 8, 2010

"I do not know the nature of or what caused quasars. Does that mean I'm not an atheist? What does this have to do with the lack of sufficient evidence for any deity? Are you actually saying that to be an atheist you must claim to know everything? So then your God is an atheist?” JG

A quasar is a small part of the creation of Almighty God. He is their Creator, and yet you plead ignorance as to who made them. You don't know. You also say that you don’t know who or what made the Grand Canyon, flowers, birds, the trees and everything else in the universe. You say you don’t know, and you say you don’t know because you lack knowledge. That means you are an agnostic--you don’t know. So you are not an atheist, although you may believe that you are one. Even a professing atheist such as Richard Dawkins, who believes nothing is the initial cause, can’t claim the title "atheist." This is because he only has a belief. He doesn’t know. He too lacks knowledge. To be a true atheist you have to have all knowledge (omniscience), and no one has that but God.

So there cannot be such a thing as someone who knows that God doesn’t exist, only those who don’t know, such as yourself. Conversely, someone doesn't need absolute knowledge to know something. You can know who built your house, without having omniscience.