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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Interesting stuff--kindly collated by "Sooty"

The Month In Review: March 2010
Data is taken from all comments posted in March for all threads begun in March.

Number of threads by Ray: 39
Number of blog posts: 4118
Number of different bloggers: 331

Top 10 Bloggers (by number of posts)

1. Steven J. [176]
2. BathTub [121]
3. Dimensio [112]
4. darkknight56 [109]
5. ITs All About Jesus!!! [107]
6. Dale Jackson [100]
7. Iago [100]
8. Chris B [97]
9. Raoul Rheits [85]
10. Lurker [83]

Pretty high atheist concentration. I think Steven J is pretty safe at the top hey?

Atheist Central Initiatives
1. Weekly grocery giveaways.
2. Comfort made jacket giveaways.
3. Atheist church services.
4. Restaurant voucher giveaways.

(I love being around this place)

Notable Notes:
1 This month saw MollyKnits leave AC... Only to return 1 week later. (We love you Molly!)
2 Ethan did not post at all this month. (Where are you Ethan???)
3 Bathtub mentioned 'Aron Ra' a total of 10 times (Everyone needs a hero!)
4 The atheists almost went 1 month without mentioning the 'she-bears' from 2 Kings 2. Unfortunately MVP let the team down on the 28th. So close!

Atheist in Focus: Steven J.
Total number or words (excluding quotes): A staggering 44,073 words!
Percentage of total comments on blog (by total word mass): 7.0%
Number of posts I actually understood: 4 and a 1/2.

Atheist in Focus: Dimensio
Number of times 'serial liar' was used: 40
Number of times 'serial liar' was used towards a one 'Mr Burton': 40
Number of times 'demonstrable/demonstrably' was used: 34
Number of times 'please substantiate this assertion' was used: 14
Number of times something was considered 'not credible': 26
Number of meaningful posts: 0

Now for the awards:

Less Intelligent Quote of the Month: Philosophical Theist

"Obama has given every assurance... that federal money must not be used under any circumstance to fund abortion. I trust him..."

(Note: In the interest of competition, this award necessarily excludes all Iago's comments.)

Humorous Quote of the Month: It's all about Skycake !!!

"Next you'll be telling me these aren't the droids I'm looking for."

(sometimes you guys crack me up!)

Scary Quote of the Month: Iago (you little winner!!)

"So Ray if I was alone with you, and no one else around to witness the actions, then whapped you in face with a baseball bat..."

(Ok, he's just getting creepy now)

Most First Posts: It's All About Jesus!!! 5

(Aside from Terry, it was really quite spread as expected. The next highest number of first posts was 2 - for Wait What, Ryan Anderson, Iago, Chris B and Hank)


Well, a good time was had by all in March. Have a great April friends.