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Thursday, May 27, 2010

How do you vote?

"Happy Humanist said...Ray, I don't believe the Bible, but I do agree with your position on abortion. I think it is wrong and counterproductive for humans to kill members of their own species. However, there are many ways to kill children---child abuse, starvation and other forms of deprivation. While abortion may get the headlines, there are still thousands of children in the U.S. and elsewhere in the world who are slowly starving of malnutrition and who die from child abuse because of an overburdened and underfunded child welfare system. Welfare means just that, the welfare of human life. It looks simple when you go to the polls---just vote for the candididate whose party is against abortion, but what if that party is also against the programs that take care of children AFTER they are born? The choice may not be as simple as you think."

It's a very simple matter for the Christian to vote. This is because we have it written in stone that murder is morally wrong. Your problem is that you don't have an absolute to guide you as to what is right and what is wrong. Your moral guidance is either what the government tells you, or your subjective feelings.

The best you can say is "I think it is wrong and counterproductive for humans to kill members of their own species." That is very dangerous because you have no basis for saying anything is morally right or wrong. It's just what you "think." If someone could persuade you that it was productive to kill your own species (because of over-population/not enough food to go around), you may just change your mind...and why not? The other animals kill each other off. Why don't we, for the good of the species?

Here's the way you are thinking at present. You are in a polling booth, thinking about two candidates. One oversees the mass murder of all three-year old females. The other doesn't have any program to take care of them. You are confused. It's not clear to you for whom you should vote. Do you vote for the mass-murderer, whose hands drip with the blood of millions of children, or do you vote for the candidate who doesn't have a healthy social program?