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Monday, May 3, 2010

The Human Tail

Froggie said... Ray, Please show us how you plan to falsify the following evidence for the fact of evolution:

Protein functional redundancy, DNA functional redundancy, Transposons, Redundant pseudogenes, Endogenous retroviruses, Anatomical parahomology, Molecular parahomology,
Anatomical convergence, Molecular convergence, Anatomical suboptimal function, Molecular suboptimal function, Nested hierarchies, Convergence of independent phylogenies
Transitional forms ◦Reptile-birds, Reptile-mammals, Ape-humans, Legged whales, Legged seacows, Chronology of common ancestors,
Anatomical vestiges including:
Atavisms, Whales and dolphins with hindlimbs, Humans tails, Molecular vestiges, Ontogeny and developmental biology, Mammalian ear bones, reptilian jaws, Pharyngeal pouches, branchial arches, Snake embryos with legs, Embryonic human tail, Marsupial eggshell and caruncle, Present biogeography,
Past biogeography of:
Marsupials, Horses, Apes and humans

Froggie...you certainly are a believer. I'm not. I don't have a belief in evolution. Can't you just accept that? I don't have any belief in evolution because all this "evidence" isn't evidence at all.

Take for example your "Humans tails." I don't believe (as you do) that I'm an ape, and I don't have a "tail bone." Neither do you. It's called the "coccyx vertebrae" and it has an important function. It's not a left-over from evolution. It holds the muscles that help you go to the bathroom. You would be in big trouble without it. It is not vestigial as you have been told.

Neither is the appendix. The appendix is part of the body's immune system. It's not vestigial as you've been told.

I'm sorry, but I don't have time to go through your whole cut and paste list. Giving me a list like this is like me giving you a list of the Bible's 66 books, and saying that each one is proof for the existence of God. And when you don't study every book and come back at me with an answer for each, I declare myself the winner.

There are no winners and losers with the evolution and creation argument. If you are right and there's no God, then there's no afterlife, you won't get to even say "I told you so." You don't win.

If I'm right and there is a God and Hell exists, then, (because you have violated the Law of God) you will be justly damned. I don't "win" if that happens. The thought horrifies me. Please, come to your senses, confess and forsake your sins, and trust in Jesus Christ.

Picture: One of our cousins, according to Richard Dawkins.