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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What do You Expect?

"Fantastic post Ray, one of your best in a long time. You have really done a great job of showing how little respect you actually have for atheists. Please keep it up, these posts are just wonderful and do an amazing job of turning people away from your brand of theism. …Oh I'm an atheist by the way in case you were unsure." Rabbitpirate

You are partly correct. I respect atheists because they are human beings, but I have no respect at all for atheism. What else should you expect from me. Remember what I believe--I am 100% convinced that (what you call) your "lack of belief" will bring you unspeakable pain. I will therefore will do everything I can to try to warn you that what you are trusting in is utterly foolish. I believe (with 100% conviction) that the moment an atheist dies he (of she) will cry "Oh no! There is a God, and I am a wicked sinner who has violated His perfect Law!" I am horrified at that happening to anyone.

Again, I'm utterly convinced that Hell is a reality and it is the destination for those who are guilty before God. Yet He offers a complete reprieve. Your case can be dismissed because of the cross. God can allow you to live forever, if you will repent and trust the Savior.

And you want me to respect the fact that you laugh at His mercy. It would be easier to respect a child who thinks it's funny to play with a lit stick of dynamite.

Tell me, how would you react if someone you cared about was trusting his life to a faulty parachute? As he stands 10,000 feet above an unforgiving earth, wouldn’t you reason with him about the foolishness of what he is doing? And if he laughed at you, mocked you, and even hated you, wouldn’t you still plead with him? Of course you would, unless you are an uncaring person. Well, I'm not. I care even to tell you the truth.