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Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Common Denominator

The men in Adolf Hitler’s "inner-circle" were a small group of the most brutal and corrupt killers of any century. They were his co-conspirators, who formed the Nazi dictatorship and imposed their power over Germany and its surrounding nations. They were the men within the Third Reich who set it in motion and legitimized terror.

The SS dressed in black uniforms, and had a skeleton's head on their hats, expressing that they were indeed the masterminds of death. They were responsible for taking the lives of 1.5 million innocent children, murdering countless individuals, gassing people in the millions, committing brutalities, torture, atrocities, as well as terrifying medical experiments. They personified evil. Some were loving husbands, and fathers who tucked their children into bed each night. Others were convicted murderers, even before they rose to power in the Third Reich.

What did these men have in common? The answer is interesting.

Their common denominator was that each one of them lacked a healthy fear of God. Someone who doesn’t fear God will lie to you, steal from you, and even kill you, if he believes he can outwit man's law, and if he is convinced that God doesn’t hold him morally accountable for his actions.

A wise man once said, “Most I fear God. Next I fear him who fears Him not.”

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