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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Trying to Slow Down Science...

"I completely agree we will never change Ray’s mind. Nevertheless, he is dangerous, putting silly fears in weak minds and trying to slow (even more) the scientific education in the USA (and other parts of the world)." Albert

I often have people step into my crowd when I am preaching, as the intellectual savior of the poor unthinking masses. As far as he is concerned they don't have the brains to know if what I am saying makes sense. He thinks that he is there to do them a favor, not realizing how condescending he sounds.

I am for progress in scientific education. I text, tweet, and blog. I have an iPod, and iPad, and an iPhone. I live on the Internet, have a cool and very fast laptop, and love HD and 3D TV. Our TV program uses the latest technology and graphics, and I am always excited whenever something new comes out in the field of genuine science.

As I have (often) said before, the only “science” I am against is the science fiction of the brainless theory of evolution. It is pathetic and has no basis at all in science. It's merely a belief on a par with the most childish of fairy tales.