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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Nothing Changed...

"A field near Gretna in Dumfriesshire might not be an obvious place to find the world's oldest living creatures, but a team of scientists has done just that. Two colonies of a prehistoric shrimp that evolved when the dinosaurs ruled the Earth have been found alive and well in the Caerlaverock nature reserve on the Solway coast. The discovery has led experts to think there could be more of the little crustaceans, which are listed as endangered species, elsewhere in the area. The ancient creatures, known as Triops cancriformis or tadpole shrimps, are thought to have the oldest pedigree of any living animal. Fossil evidence suggests they have hardly changed in the more than 200m years that they have been around."

In other words, after "200 million years" of evolution, no evolution has taken place--just like in the rest of creation. Dum-friesshire indeed.


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