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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Perfect Books for Believers

"Among biologists, paleontologists, and other professional scientists in related biological fields, over 99.5% of them said they support the theory of evolution. If you don't believe in evolution, then I suggest you read a book such as 'Evolution For Dummies' or 'The Greatest Show on Earth.' The evidence for evolution is overwhelming and unambiguous." Debunkey Monkey

Ms. Monkey, could you please give the source for your 99.5% of professional scientists in biological fields supporting evolution? That's an amazing statistic. No offense, but I think you are making it up. I will humbly apologize if you come back with a credible source.

The reason I suspect that you made it up is because you don't seem to be familiar with the rules of evolution. You are not supposed to use the word "believe" in the same sentence as the word "evolution." This is because believe is what "believers" do. That means that they have some sort of faith. That means they are believing in something that is unseen. Which you do. Evolution is unobservable.

I think that the two books you suggested are perfect to describe the theory of evolution. It is for dummies, and it sure is one big circus...the greatest show on earth.