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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Atheists will stop at nothing...

When I published my book, Nothing Created Everything—the scientific impossibility of atheistic evolution I was called a liar by many professing atheists, and was challenged a number of times to produce a list of credible scientists who believed such lunacy. It’s understandable that I was challenged in such a way, because only a fool would believe that nothing created everything. It is a scientific impossibility.

Then came physicist extraordinaire, Stephen Hawking's admission that he believed that nothing created everything. That was hard on the heels of Professor Richard Dawkin’s admission of the same belief. That put faithful followers in a quandary. The twin popes' of atheism made public their theology, and if the faithful didn’t follow their lead, they would find themselves excommunicated from the religion of atheism.

When I wrote recently that the disciples put down a net to try and catch some fish, they caught "nothing," meaning that they didn't catch any fish, I made a remark that when the Bible says "nothing" it means nothing. One replied:

"Are you asserting that the disciples pulled up pristine, dry nets -- that their endeavors had not accumulated a single drop of water, a single leaf or floating twig, etc.? That would be considerably more miraculous and noteworthy than someone on the shore being able to see a shoal of fish that was not visible from the boat itself! Even in the Bible, 'nothing' is a relative term: the disciples caught no usable fish. It does not mean that they hauled up an absolute vacuum in their net, much less an ontological nullity with even less to it than a vacuum. Pointing out that 'nothing' has a range of meanings is neither a rhetorical trick nor a peculiarity of 'atheist' cosmology."*

He was asserting that when leading atheists say that nothing created everything, they don’t mean the insanity of "nothing;" they mean something. Hawking and Dawkins would be fools to really believe that nothing created everything, and that is the important point I have been making all along.

When a thinking atheist is pushed into a corner and challenged on this point, he will agree that it is unscientific to believe that there was no initial cause--that nature made itself. Such a thought is lunacy, because nature would have to pre-exist before it made itself, to make itself. So the professing atheist believes that something made everything, and the Christian goes one further and says that that “something” was the eternal God.

So let's make it clear once more. If you are a professing atheist, and you believe that nothing created everything, then you must come out from behind the skirts of science. What you believe is unscientific lunacy. If you say that something created everything, you have come to your senses, and you are no longer an atheist. Good for you.

* Steven J.