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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Poor Willie

Let me tell you about Willie, a non-Christian friend
How his heckling of my preaching, came to an end
He said if God was real, he'd spit in His face
When Willie was angry, I would always give him space.

There were times I would think that he had no brain
Or at least I thought, he must be partly insane
He would look at the heavens and yell "God strike me dead!"
Because if God did exist, He would do what he said.

One day God graciously answered his prayer
And I have to tell you, that Willie's no longer here
It wasn't lightning that came from the sky
But an attack on his heart, that caused Willie to die.

He was just a young man when death came his way
And if he could speak now, I know what he’d say
Where Willie went I really don't know
But I do know there's a place you don’t want to go.

If he didn't trust Jesus, please don't follow Willie
He would tell you to listen and not to be silly
Maybe you peeked behind the atheist door
And you widened your eyes at what you then saw.

There was lust, and sex, and a whole lot of porn
So much pleasure, you thanked God you were born
You think about life, and your longing to sin
And you think about Heaven and your chance to get in

You think about God, the Bible and Hell
You think about Willie and what he would yell
You think about Jesus and what He did for you
You think about the things you'd so love to do.

What a big problem you have with your sin
What a dilemma you find yourself in
What can you do, so you won't feel so bad?
What can you do to make your heart glad?

There's an easy solution, if you just want this life
But it's kind of like cutting your throat with a knife
You would simply believe that everything evolved
You just have to stop thinking, and the problem is solved.