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Friday, October 1, 2010

Advice About my Credibility

"Ray First: there is no museum of evolution in Paris. I should know, I grew up there. Perhaps you are referring to the museum of natural history? One of its permanent exhibits is the great evolution gallery. It would help your credibility somewhat if you actually took the care to name thongs properly. Second: had you loved in 1600, would you have cited the existence and inability of scientists to explain lightning as proof of the existence of your God?" French Engineer

First: Yes, I was referring to the "Museum National D'Histoire Naturelle, Grande Galerie de L’Evolution." I thought its full title was a bit of a mouthful for those who speak English (see pic. of my entrance ticket).

Second: You talk about taking care to name thongs properly. I will. Down-under, thongs are the name of summer flip flops, while in other places around the world, a thong is the name for a string bikini.
Third: Had I loved in the year 1600, I hope I would have loved someone as sweet as my wife.

Thank you for making sure I got things right. You are a model atheist.

The Steven J. book review of How to Know God Exists will continue next Monday.

Noah buddy said..."Ladies and gentlemen, I must share 'Wait What?s' concern and express some serious doubt about the ticket being Ray's. And the person to tell me is none other than...Ray Comfort himself!! You did one mistake Mr. Comfort. There is a date on your ticket (10/11/2008) and I've looked at your blogs. The only time that you were in France was on September 26 2007. Here's proof: http://fourthseason.blogspot.com/2007/09/paris-france.html/. So it wasn't during your trip to Europe that you went obviously. And you certainly were not there on the date of the issued ticket, while there isn't an entry in your blog on said date, there is one the next day, and there was one on the 10th. So where were you on the October 11th 2008? Well it was a SATURDAY!! Hence, you were obviously at home! Hence why you didn't post and that was before the 'Atheist Church' trend, which explains your lack of activity. So Ray, since there is evidence proving that this isn't your ticket, how about coming clean about this?"

Noah buddy...you are right. I'm coming clean. Ladies and Gentlemen, I WAS in Paris in September of 2007, filming for Season Four of our TV program.

However, a few months later, a large church in Paris, flew me back to speak three times. You said “So where were you on the October 11th 2008!” Actually, the date on my ticket was a Monday November 10th. In Europe they put the day first, then the month.

I spoke on the Sunday, and we went to the museum on the Monday. The church was very kind, and took us (my manager Mark Spence, and my son Daniel) all over the city, including to the museum--which is why I didn’t blog that day (I have video of when I was there). See pictures and blog on http://raycomfortfood.blogspot.com/2008/11/back-from-paris.html The two pictures are of my son, myself and my friend Manuel Brambila in Paris, and Noah’s Ark (the evolution museum).

Atheists interpret the evidence in the Bible the same way you interpreted the above. It's very sad.