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Monday, October 4, 2010

Atheist Review of How to Know God Exists (by Steven J.).

REVIEW: Is Evolution Scientific (Part Two). Ray's problem in dealing with the Big Bang is that to him, the Big Bang simply means "nothing created everything." You will seek in vain, in chapter 3, for any mention of galactic redshifts, or the cosmic microwave background, or relative cosmic abundances of hydrogen and helium, or the expansion of space. Ray has, in short, no interest in the evidence the Big Bang was actually devised to explain. Note that Ray is not interested in arguing (as old earth creationists do) that God initiated the Big Bang; to Ray, the Big Bang is simply an atheistic creation story, not a reconstruction of the history of the universe.

The only question that matters to Ray is what came before the beginning, "nothing" or "God." That there was no "before the beginning" -- that the universe might have existed, if not forever, then at least for all the time that has ever existed and hence not need a cause or explanation -- Ray does not consider. He does insist that science has shown that the universe cannot have existed forever, though he does not say how science has shown this.

AUTHOR’S REBUTTAL: The reason I don’t spend time addressing the thought that the universe is eternal, is because it is axiomatic. Everything is running down. It’s not improving--from the stars, to our own sun, to the moon, to nature, to your grandmother. Everything degenerates. It withers and dies.

To believe that the universe is eternal is to paint yourself into an intellectual corner. If it was forever in the past, it would have become dust eons ago. This is so basic it hardly needs to be addressed. However, to appeal to an atheist to use common sense is senseless, because their premise is founded upon foolishness to begin with.

Again, the argument for God is not intellectual. A child can understand that nature didn’t make itself. The argument is moral. The professing atheist don’t like the thought of being morally responsible to God, so he pretends that He doesn’t exist. Nevertheless, he must face a Law that says that lust is adultery, hatred is murder, and warns that all liars will have their part in the lake of fire.

This same morally perfect God is rich in mercy and has provided a way where every vile, sin-loving human being can be forgiven, cleansed, and granted everlasting life. And He made that way through the suffering death of Jesus Christ. He took the punishment for our sins upon Himself, rose from the dead, and now all who repent and trust Him receive everlasting life. Everyday, time runs out for 150,000 human beings. Seek God today, while you still have time. You may not even get a chance to wither.