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Monday, October 11, 2010

The Promise of Immortality

"Ray, can you provide some proof that Muslims don't have as deep a relationship with Allah as you do with Jesus Christ?" Deb.

I have spoken to many Muslims, as well as studied their religion, and can tell you that they don't have any assurance (as does the Christian) that they will make it to Heaven. For the Muslim, the decision of Heaven or Hell will be made by God on Judgment Day.

Ask them yourself and you will find that they have no idea where they will spend eternity. That's why they strive to do religious works, because their salvation is based on human effort, rather than on the grace of God.

The Christian's relationship with God, however, (his peace, joy, gratitude, love for God, etc.) is build on trust in His promise that because he trusts in Jesus, he is forgiven, and therefore has everlasting life. It has nothing to do with doing any religious works. Salvation is by grace alone, through faith alone, without any works. Good works issue from his faith, but they have no part in his salvation.

We are saved because of God's goodness, not ours--because we don't have any. A Muslim has no such promise of immortality. You probably won't see this as as any sort of evidence because it's theological in nature. Still, what evidence could I provide that would convince you? The issue comes back to subjectivity, as does almost everything in this life.