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Friday, November 19, 2010

The Answer to Your Question

"You cannot produce a single person that denies there is gravity or magnetism. ANALOGY FAIL Magnetism CAN be demonstrated to anyone, anytime. Hold an iron ball in your hand, and lower your hand over the top of a rare earth magnet. When your hand is crushed by the force of the attraction between the two objects, the demonstration is over. Now, please give an example that demonstrates the existence of God. I'm not 'unreasonable'. Just one example... " Slydog

Your statement that I can't produce a single person who would deny gravity or magnetism isn't true. A small child is a person. Someone who is insane is a person. An unreasonable person is a "person."

The Bible warns that if you continue to hold onto sin with both of your sin-loving hands, the wrath of God will come upon you and "grind" you "to powder." You have God's promise on that (see Luke 20:18). When something is ground to powder, a thorough job is done. God's justice will be so thorough on Judgment Day, it will judge right down to your thought-life and your deepest motives.

His Law will swiftly fall on you like magnified metal falls onto an electron magnet, but with infinitely greater force. It is attracted to sin because it screams for equity. Here now is the answer to your question about God's existence. This can be proven by obeying the gospel. The moment you truly repent and trust in Jesus Christ, you will come to know the God that created all things.

The conversion experience will be more real to you than anything that this life can offer. God will give you a new heart with new desires, and open the eyes of your understanding. You will be like a man who has been born blind, suddenly seeing color for the first time--born again as a "new creature" in Christ. It is so real you will stand with your unbelieving mouth open wider than a road tunnel. Instead of being a "sly dog," He will make you into a faithful retriever.

Now, please give me one good reason why you should remain in your beloved sins, and end up damned in Hell. Just one reason....