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Monday, November 8, 2010

The Effects of Magnetism

"Did anyone else stop reading after this: "Of course a small number of atheists won’t know what I am talking about, because magnetic repulsion is invisible. You can’t see it, touch it, taste it, hear it, or smell it, therefore it doesn’t exist." The effects of magnetism can be both seen and felt empirically. Magnetism can be DEMONSTRATED!! You can test its effects. You can quantify it, measure it and use it for things like your silly box. Cripes you are annoying...and still I return. A guilty pleasure if ever there was one." MVP

You said "The effects of magnetism can be both seen and felt empirically. Magnetism can be DEMONSTRATED!!" Not to someone who is unreasonable. If someone put his hand into the invisible field and said "I don’t see or feel anything," then there is nothing you can do to convince him it exists.

So it is with God's existence. Like many things in this life (the wind, love, history, gravity, etc.) He is invisible, and so, if for some reason, you want to look at creation and say there is no Creator, go ahead. Or if you want to change the word "creation" to "nature," and believe that nature made itself, go ahead. I can’t stop you, but you are being unreasonable (unable to be reason with).

If you refuse to listen to your conscience, or to look honestly at the Ten Commandments, and mock God’s Word, go ahead. I can't stop you or convince you to be reasonable. But I would add one thing. Deny the reality magnetism and there are no consequences. It's no big deal. Deny God, and therefore refuse to repent and trust in Jesus Christ, and the consequences are terrible and eternal.