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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Greatest of Company

I find it interesting that the news media are not accused of bad taste or making money when they report tragedies. Recently, they reported that a young man, who was filming his football team, tragically fell to his death. He was so concerned about gusts of wind as he sat with his camera on a high tower, he sent a text, joking that he was about to die. Then, terrified, he texted again, this time blaspheming. Seconds later he fell to his death.

This is what the news media reported, and they were paid to do so. They also received money for advertising for their program. It could be said that they made money off his death. Yet, I would be surprised if anyone took the time to complain about that. This is because it's legitimate to report news, whether it's good or bad.

However, if I dare to use the tragedy to remind us that death can come to any of us when we least expect it, I am the scum of the earth. I'm said to be using someone's tragedy for my own evil agenda. Yet, I'm in the greatest of company when I do so.

In Luke chapter 13, some religious folks spoke of two contemporary tragedies. Occupying military had carried out some ethnic cleansing, and an unstable structure had collapsed and killed 18 people. It seems that those who brought up this news item contended that those who died did so, because God was punishing them for their sins, and Jesus used the tragedy to make a very powerful point...