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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Pig Out...

"If I were God I'd take it as a bit of a slap in the face that you'd single out one day to thank me. Yeah, all your prayers count and all but everyday should be Thanksgiving Day. Every waking second should be devoted to worship, every word out of your mouth should be solely about God. You should sleep no more than three hours a night and eat no more than a piece of bread a day. You should be beggars for God, instead you indulge in the meat of a dead animal, call yourself a Christian?" Andy Duchemin

This is what convinces me that God's hand is on you. You are beginning to see what God requires of each of us, because the work of the Law is written on your heart (see Romans chapter 2). In other words, you have a God-given conscience that tells you exactly what is wanted of you.

Of course He requires more than the one day a year that we call "Thanksgiving." The essence of the First of the Ten Commandments ("You shall have no other gods before Me"), isn't simply that we set aside one day each year to thank Him. It commands that we love God with all of our heart, mind, soul, and strength, and that we love every other person as much as we love ourselves. It goes even deeper than that. God requires that all other affections--for mother, father, brother, sister, husband, wife, etc., should seem like hated, compared to the love we have for the God that gave them and our own life to us.

And how do we live up to that Commandment? Do we love God that much. No. We give God one day a year. We use His holy name as a cuss word, and there are even some who show such contempt for Him, that they deny the reality of His existence, calling "creation" another word, so that they are not intellectually obligated to acknowledge a Creator. However, God doesn’t require an intellectual acknowledgement of His existence. He requires absolute obedience to His moral Law. The above is only one of the Ten Commandments.

Every one of us fall infinitely short of all of the Ten Commandments. We are unthankful and ungrateful, blasphemous, sin-loving, enemies of God, who are under His just wrath. But He is rich in mercy, will freely forgive all who repent and trust in Jesus Christ, and grant them everlasting life.

So when you point your finger at a Christian and judge him for falling short of God's Law, you are also judging and condemning yourself. That's what Romans 2 addresses. As for eating food; the Bible says that He gives His beloved sleep, and He gave us all things to richly enjoy. So get right with God, kill the fatted calf, indulge yourself, and go and have a good old snooze.