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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

You May Have a Problem With This...

Have you ever noticed that everyday life is filled with problems? Problems at work, problems with the car, the cat, the house, the lawnmower; you name it, it needs fixing (including the cat).

Then there's a problem with health. It has been said that one in four people approached on the street, said that they had a health problem that was serious enough for a doctor’s visit (my own doctor has health problems).

Then there's the real serious problems, like problems such as a relative or a friend having a terminal disease, or big financial problems, serious addictions, sleep problems, etc., etc. That's the personal problems.

There's the problem of national debt, massive unemployment, war, suicide, rape and murder, etc. This all seems insurmountable. Oh, and be careful if you are tempted to say that you don't have problems. There’s always tomorrow.

Shouldn't I be trying to console you, rather than add to the daily weight which you have to deal with? Yes and no. I want to bring your attention to the cause of all human problems. It's our rebellion to God. That's the big problem. Throw out the pilot and the flight will have multiple and big problems. You need to give him the controls, and even then, it's not going to stop the problems until the landing.

If you are not born again, this life won’t get any better. This is all you have. Sure, you can find little puddles of temporal happiness, but this life is a dry and barren desert.

Millions of Christians throughout this earth (with as many problems as you have) are waiting patiently for a new heavens and a new earth. And it's not just the earth that will be renewed. God promises to give new bodies to all those who trust in His mercy. It sounds too good to be true, but it's axiomatic. Call upon His name. Repent of your sins--lust (adultery of the heart), hatred (murder of the heart), ingratitude, rebellion, lying, stealing, blasphemy, etc., and trust alone in Jesus, and you will come to know Him "whom to know is life eternal.”

When that happens, you will know that all His "exceedingly great and precious promises" are immutable.