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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Bring it on, and I will believe...

"Would it be fair to say that as far as you're concerned, when it comes to evolution no evidence could possibly convince you, but when it comes to creationism no evidence is even necessary?" Captain Howdy

Of course I would believe in the theory of evolution, if there was evidence for it taking place. However, most believers in the theory are confused between what is called "micro-evolution" (changes within "kinds"--differing types of dogs and cats, etc., which isn't evolution at all), and Darwinian evolution, for which there is no undisputed empirical evidence.

When I ask for scientific evidence, I usually get three main answers:

1. "Fossils! Although I'm not an expert; I really don't know the details."

2. I am sent lists of bones with unpronounceable names, that are believed to be millions of years old. I don't have the necessary sort of blind faith to believe such things. I want observable evidence.

And 3. There's the citing of bacteria sprouting into bacteria, which has nothing to do with the theory of evolution.

So, give me the real solid evidence, and I will become a believer.

When it comes to creationism, all I need is to see creation. That's the solid observable and undeniable evidence for me.

If you want to call creation "nature," and believe that nature made itself, go ahead. But don't ask me to believe something so obviously unscientific and foolish.