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Friday, December 3, 2010

Input for Television Program

I am writing the scripts for Season Five of our television program. The subject for the series is "History-makers." It's about those in history who have changed the world, for better or for worse. Each program will be titled "Adolf Hitler, God and the Bible," "Albert Einstein, God, and the Bible," "Charles Darwin, God, and the Bible" etc., thirteen in all. I have written five, am about to begin on the Charles Darwin script. My mission? I'm out to prove that evolution is true. I want to find undisputed scientific evidence, that doesn't have to be accepted by faith.

Who I should interview (what experts)?
Where could I contact these experts?
What evidence should I look at?
Where can I find it?

This is an opportunity to have input into a program that goes to 70 countries and is on more than 30 networks. There is also a book series involved, so speak up...give it your best shot.

Here's what I am expecting from you. You will come up with nothing, and instead revert to saying "You liar! I don’t trust you." "You will twist anything we say!" "Just don't go and interview dumb university students on the subject!" "Go and interview a banana, you jerk."

Disappoint me.