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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Just Believe...

Darkknight56 said..."You want me to believe that Richard Dawkins, world famous atheist, believes in a designer? How do you differentiate the appearance of design from actual design?" Hi Darkknight56. You have free will to believe whatever you wish. But, check out what Richard Dawkins said in his interview with Ben Stein (Expelled No Intelligence Required). See it with your own eyes, listen to it with your own ears on Youtube. Why would Richard Dawkins speculate about life being designed by aliens and seeded on this planet if he could see no appearance of design? Why would he even speculate about an alien designer if life did not appear to be designed, or he had ruled out an intelligent designer? God Bless. Neil.

Neil, it's futile to try and reason with the "new atheists" about Professor Richard Dawkins. Remember, he's their pope, and he is therefore without sin. His word is infallible. If he says that we are cousins of bananas, then we are cousins of bananas. We don't question the pope. If he says we are all apes, then we are all apes. If he says that nature has the appearance of being designed, but no Designer, then that's just the way it is. He doesn't debate the issue. Debating is beneath his holy dignity.

If he stands on the balcony of secular reasoning and says that in the beginning nothing created everything, that's what happened. Don't think for yourself--only believe, and then join the faithful and sing his praises.

If you heard him say that aliens may have seeded this planet, then you are mistaken, because the professor has ex cathedra. You just have to deal with it.

Pic. Pope Gregory the Great.