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Friday, January 28, 2011

From Richard Gunther

Before any movie is made by Hollywood someone has to have an idea. This idea is then developed into a script and run by some financial backers. No movie makes itself. They all come originally from inside someone’s head, so what we see on the screen is the portrayal of a writer's thoughts.

This obvious link between a writer and Hollywood is related to the headline "Hollywood box office slump continues" which to me proves equally obvious that Hollywood is not so much interested in entertaining people as with indoctrinating them. Despite the industry’s financial losses, which it could easily reverse, it continues to ram its sick philosophies, immoral ideas and violent or twisted ideas into the market.

Take "Glee," "Black Swans," and "The Kids are All Right" for example. None of these films even cracked the top 49, but Hollywood decided people had to be exposed to the sick ideas regardless of whether there was a financial loss involved.

On the other hand "Toy Story 3" made 21 times more money than "The Kids Are Alright," which is about two lesbians trying to raise children.

Toy Story 3 made $415,004,000. This was more than all four R-rated nominees for Best Picture combined. That's a lot of money for a morally upright movie.

I think the numbers indicate that audiences are not attracted to immoral or violent movies. In the top 17 movies of 2010 not one was rated R. Obviously, if Hollywood was really interested in reversing its losses, it would make more movies with wholesome, family-friendly themes, but apparently Hollywood would rather lose money and pump filth than clean up its act and follow the higher road.