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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The King is Dead..

Steven J....said to Sooty "And oddly, you omit rather than mock my point that Hawking’s' 'nothing' is not necessarily a contentless ontological nullity, but rather a vacuum with physical laws and properties."

If the "nothing" that Hawking speaks of is "a vacuum and physical laws and properties," it's not "nothing," is it? I shouldn't have to point that out to someone of your intellect. But in case you still don't get it, again, If it’s a "vacuum" with "laws and properties," then it's a vacuum, and it has laws and properties. It's not "nothing." Nothing cannot create anything (let alone everything), because it is nothing and therefore can do nothing.

It is disingenuous to twist words to fit a baseless worldview. Every day you are getting closer to the day when you will pass into eternity. I like you very much and am deeply concerned for your eternal salvation. You write so eloquently about the subject of evolution--when the theory is nothing but a corpse dressed by you as a king. You give it majesty, when it has no life at all. It intellectually stinks. It can’t do anything for you but give you what you believe is a license to reject the claim of the Bible--that you are morally accountable to God. And that is the greatest disservice anything in this life can give you.

If you gave the gospel a mustard seed of the incredible faith you give evolution, you would move mountains...beginning with a mountain of sin that you have between you and God. Each of us have a "multitude of sins" that God removes in an instant, upon our genuine repentance and trust in Jesus. Do it today. Please.