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Friday, February 18, 2011

What evolution believes...

"Wow, next you'll claim that a crocoduck is a viable transitional.... LOL." Cameron

"Ray, you really think National Geographic makes up their evolution programs? You really are stupider and crazier than I thought (and I didn't have a very high opinion of you to start with)!" Kiwi Skeptic

"NOBODY is expecting dogs to give birth to kittens. Only people like you expect this because you don't know what evolution is. And yet you have the arrogance to talk as if you are an authority on the subject. It is laughable." Matt Volpato

Of course, evolution doesn't expect dogs to give birth to kittens. However, believers are still (after 200 years) looking for "the missing link." This is anything that would give credence to the belief of evolution. There should be evidence that shows species-to-species transitional forms in the fossil record (one animal slowly evolving into another), or evidence of one in a living form. That's what evolution believes--that man had a common ancestor with primates and that both man and animals we see today are not what they were millions of years ago.

But there's no evidence of that--just nebulous conjecture.

In 2009, the National Geographic News reported that leading scientists were asked for their picks of the most important fossils that show evolution in action. They headlined "Seven Major 'Missing Links' Since Darwin," and the number one missing link was a "Fishapod."

They don't have empirical evidence for the Fishapod, but they do have a painting. This is an artist's rendition (his mental image) of what the Fishapod may have looked like. He did a good job.

Among the magnificent seven, you will also find nice paintings of "the Walking Whale." Researchers think that the whale could have once been a sort of hyena with hooves. So this creature could rightly be called a "Whale-ena." Then there's the old "Halfway Flatfish" (perhaps you could make up your own name for this pretending creature).

NASA's earth observatory said that the Fishapod was a fish with four "legs" and a crocodile head. It really is a "Croco-fish," or it could have easily been called a "Crocoduck," (if it looks like a duck...).

So now you know what modern evolution is and what its many believers believe. It's the laughable belief that somewhere out there, there may be evidence for this fairytale for grownups. It would just be a harmless belief for the simple unscientific folks, except for the fact that it gives an excuse for guilty sinners to reject God's gift of eternal life. What a tragedy.

Sources: http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2009/02/photogalleries/darwin-birthday-evolution/


Picture: The Fishapod