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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Atheism and the Age of the Earth

"The age of the Earth has been within the same range (two to five billion years) for roughly your entire lifetime. Prior to radiometric dating, of course, no one really knew how old the Earth was (Kelvin's attempt, back in Darwin's day, to argue that it could not be more than 20 million years old was overturned by the discovery of radioactivity). Since then, the range has been narrowed repeatedly, and the margin of uncertainty reduced, from 2 to 5 billion years to 4.5 to 4.6 billion years." Steven J.

Do you have any idea of the time-length of a million years, or of a thousand million years? You speak of billions as though they were a few minutes, tossing them around like a fishmonger tosses fish at a fish market. And then you admit that scientists have changed from two billion to five billion, just in my little lifetime, and expect me to believe that they now have it right.

I don't accuse you of lying when you say that you believe all this stuff, because it's your God-given right to believe anything you wish. But you (in another comment) accuse me of lying when I say that I have no idea of the age of the earth. But I truly don't. Why should I trust what you say or trust the scientists in whom you have so much faith, when they have changed their minds by an incredible variable of 3,000,000,000 years?

Your desire to get far from any thoughts of God (and moral responsibility towards Him), have sent you into a world of blind faith in untrustworthy ever-changing data, and in very fallible man.

In another of your comments you say that I should "correct" misunderstandings of evolution of the average street person. In other words, you want me to join your evolutionary evangelistic team and then spend my time teaching people about the theory. But I don't see these as "misunderstandings." They are ridiculous and unscientific beliefs that turn people from God to a childish and unthinking fable.

I will do no such thing. Instead I will continue to challenge anyone and everyone as to what they believe, and present the truth of Holy Scripture—that God created the world, made male and female--with the amazing ability to reproduce after their own kind. And I will be sure to add that He (in His loving mercy) provided a Savior who defeated death, and that He offers everlasting life to all those who repent and trust in Jesus Christ. That's a fact, not a fable.