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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

An Atheist's Reminder to Give

"Could Living Waters spare some money for the Japanese Red Cross, or another good charity? I know 'give' isn't your first reaction to tragedy (that would be 'exploit'), but the Japanese people need help, right now, and they're not going to be too concerned about the character of whom it comes from."

Some of you are new to this blog, so I thought I would set a few things straight.

I appreciate this kind reminder from atheists, to support the Japanese. However, I had already sent support through the American Red Cross.

For those of you who keep comparing me to the Westborough Baptist church, I want to point out a few things.

First, I have never said that God sent the recent earthquake and tsunami as some sort of judgment. There are an estimated one million earthquakes each year throughout the earth, so how could I possibly know which are just the earth shaking, or God judging a nation?

Second, it is very clear that the Westborough Baptist church is a hate-filled church. Those who have been with this blog since its conception will tell you that I don't hate atheists.

If I did, why would I give away thousands of dollars-worth of dinner vouchers, send financial help to atheists when asked, make and give away genuine leather jackets and vests to atheists, as well as give away thousands of books—just to atheists?

If I ever have a meal with you, I will be quick to pick up the tab. Ask the Orange County Atheists—40 of them invited me to dinner once. The Westborough Baptists don't do things like that.

Neither do they tell you of God's love and mercy, or preach the cross. If you search this blog you will find hundreds of references to the love of God—and you will find that, almost daily, I plead with you to get right with God. Misguided though you think I am, why would I do that if I didn't care?

The Westborough Baptist church doesn't honor or respect all men. They dishonor our courageous and self-sacrificing soldiers, and our flag. I honor all men and love this country, and I will continue to preach the gospel that was so honored by our godly Founding Fathers.

So go ahead and liken me to these hate-filled folks and say that I'm in this for the money if you wish. But you now do it knowing that it's not true.