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Friday, March 11, 2011

No Atheists in an Earthquake

Earthquakes have been on my mind recently; not just because of New Zealand and Japan's recent killer quakes, but because I read a first-hand account from a friend who was in the Christchurch when it struck. That frightening account convinced me that the many quakes I had been in were nothing but "tremors."

I live in Southern California, and there is a very real chance that we will get a big one soon. So I have been considering the options, and have come to the conclusion that I won’t be getting under a table. One picture convinced me that the safe place is beside something solid...not under it.

The picture was of one of the two-foot high crushed cars caught under a collapsed San Francisco freeway, after a massive quake. Beside the car was a two-foot high "safe zone." If the driver had known that he could get out and lie beside the car, the odds are he wouldn't have been crushed in it.

Such thoughts make sense, and help me create a plan of survival for the future. Good information is our most precious commodity. It can make us rich, save us pain, and even save our lives in an earthquake. Many people are dead today because they didn’t bother to find out what to do in a quake. Others are no doubt dead because they were given bad information.

I watched the sad figure of Christopher Hitchens talk about his future and the drastic things he is doing to make sure he has one. I also watched him tell an audience that he didn't need ten minutes to disprove God. He got a laugh, but the item didn't make us privy to how he disproved God. My guess is that he didn't. Instead, he more than likely spoke eloquently about hypocrisy, or amputees, or biblical atrocities, slavery, or evolution. None of these things disprove God’s existence, because it can’t be done. No doubt, few in his audience noticed, nor cared. They were there to be entertained and any information about their eternal future wasn't important to them.

However, here's some information I have found to be true, for those who think their eternal is important. Each of us have to face a holy God on the Day of Judgment, whether we believe in Him on not. God has graciously provided a safe zone for those who repent and trust in Jesus. It's now up to you as to whether or not you believe that information, and make provision for the future that counts.