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Friday, March 4, 2011

Please Convert me to Atheistic Evolution

"The fish in the sea evolved lungs before venturing out on land. Judging by fossils, they evolved fins suitable for modification into legs before venturing out on land, perhaps for sculling along the bottom of estuaries or rivers. And quite a few modern fish (e.g. some lungfish, or the infamous 'walking catfish,' etc.) can venture out onto land occasionally, illustrating an intermediate stage between sea dwelling and land dwelling." Steven J.

I'm a skeptic. Actually, my doubts go a little deeper than mere skepticism. I don't believe you. You are the one making the claim--convince me. Make me a believer. Back up your belief with more than conjecture.

Tell me, why and how did a fish needed to evolve lungs before it ventured onto the land? How did it test them to see that they worked? If the first fish died when its lungs didn't work, how did it tell the others what was needed? How did the fish's heart know that there was about to make a radical breathing chnage, so that it could change itself to deal with sudden incoming oxygen?

Which of the 25,000 different types of fish are you talking about? What observable empirical evidence do you have for this happening? Did this fish also evolve legs so that it could move around? Why did it do this when it was still in water? If it evolved legs while on the land, were its lungs fully working as it did this? How long did it lay there without legs before they evolved?

Did both male and female evolve lungs and venture onto the land at the same time? Did they communicate to each other that their lungs were ready for the change from water to air, so that they could make this venture together?
Does it ever enter your wildly inventive mind that God could have created the lungfish as a fish with lungs, or the walking catfish as a catfish that walked?

Your claims are a million times more fantastic (in the truest sense of the word) than just one talking serpent. At least we maintain that the Supernatural was involved. You make no such claim nor do you back it up with reason. That would be okay, but the painful part is that you have so many unquestioning believers. Watch them deride me for my lack of faith. I need light. Convert me.

Picture: Australian lungfish (Neoceratodus forsteri)