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Thursday, March 31, 2011

PZ Myers' Little Twit

I had to smile when I saw that I had made headlines once again on PZ Myers' popular blog. He called me a "loon" and a "little twit."

The amazing loon (pictured) has a habit of catching fish by swimming calmly along the surface and then abruptly plunging into the water. Its name probably comes from an Old English word meaning "awkward person." It is a reference to the loon's poor ability to walk on land.

PZ sure nailed me. I do abruptly plunge into the waters of this dying world to fish for men, and I am certainly awkward doing anything else.

I do think that he missed it though with little "twit." Down-under (where I'm originally from), a "twit" is a pregnant goldfish.

So, it looks like in Myers' eyes I have evolved from The Banana-Man, to a beautiful bird, to a small goldfish. This seems impossible because bananas don't become birds, and then birds don't become fish. Or do they?

Actually, this is an amazing example of the little heard-of "Myer-evolution"—-which is one step beyond Macro-evolution.

Myer-evolution is a new hypothesis—where plants could have perhaps possibly evolved into animals--over millions of years, of course. One powerful example could perhaps be the Venus Flytrap, which opens wide its "mouth" and eats flies for lunch, when it detects them crawling onto its tiny evolving "tongue."

Give it a few million years and the Venus flytrap could perhaps possibly evolve eyes, maybe some legs, and it could walk away looking for lunch, rather than to have to wait for it to come to it. We will call this animal Myerflyerstupidium (see artist's impression).

Expect to see it on the cover of National Geographic and as a fact in children's textbooks real soon.

EDIT: Myer's to Myers'. No correction needed for "Myerflyerstupidium."