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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Question for the Thinking Atheist...

I watched a program on the National Geographic channel recently. It documented the hunting down of Nazis who escaped to Argentina after the Second World War. The hunters were passionate to see that justice was done. They didn’t wanted to simply kill the Nazi leaders, they wanted to try them in the criminal court so that justice would be done. The heart of their passion was "You have to pay one day for the crimes you commited."

The question is, "Why?" Why punish anybody for anything? These people committed crimes many years earlier, and punishing them wouldn't bring back any murdered Jews. So what's the big deal with the desire for justice? If you can't give any answer to that question, there's something deeply shallow about you as a person.

Justice is what separates man from the beasts. We are not evolved primates--as evolutionists and atheists would have us believe. It's our intuitive morality that puts us head and shoulders above primates. We crave for justice because we are made in the image of God.

Each of us has an inner knowledge of right and wrong--we also know that we were created by God, despite any fantasies as to the contrary. Con-science means "with knowledge," and with that knowledge is a dread that we are morally responsible to Him. The Bible likens this to light, and says that we stay away from the light in fear of it exposing us for what we are. Criminals. Hell is not just a cuss word, or a place to where we may conveniently send Hitler. It's a reality. That's why each of us needs the Savior. See needGod.com for details.