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Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Atheist's Refrigerator

"Ray, your post, while implicitly admitting that your earlier claim (that atheists in general think that earthquakes are nature making improvements) is false, still claims that some of them think that. Given the diversity of beliefs compatible with 'God does not exist,' you may even be right about that ... but I have never read any such comment by an atheist and think that you should be required to support that assertion." Steven J.

I appreciate that concession. However, it doesn't need "support," because it's axiomatic. My worldview says that we live in a fallen creation, evidenced by earthquakes, tsunamis, tornados, hurricanes, suffering and death.

Your worldview says that nothing caused nature, but your "nothing" (according one of your previous comments) is nothing as in "There's nothing in the refrigerator." Meaning that there is something there, but nothing you desire to eat.

So let's pick it up four billion years ago, not too long after the beginning of what surrounds us. It looks nothing like what we have today; nothing but barren molten and lava.

But in time, plates shift through massive earthquakes that lift the earth changing the volcanic landscape into soil, waterfalls, lakes, flowers, and beautiful fruit-bearing trees. Nature is making things better. It is improving and, in time, will even be able to support life, filled with birds, fish, bugs and butterflies, with rolling green hills and pristine snow-capped mountains.

As more time passes, the sea floor explodes as more volcanic activity violently shakes the earth and forms more land, which will also (in time) become fruitful.

Millions of years pass. One day a massive earthquake lifts the sea floor once again, sending a huge tsunami across the earth, clearing it of trees, creatures, and anything in its path. Again, time passes. Grass once again appears, with even more fruit trees, vegetables, dinosaurs, and all sorts of other strange and wonderful animals. Planet earth is being refined, and beginning to look closer to the life-supporting earth as we know it.

Fast forward to Japan in March, 2011. Another massive earthquake sends a huge wave of water across the landscape, once more clearing it of all in its path. But this time it swallows thousands of apes (this is not my worldview), trees, and other structures.

Nature hasn't finished expanding and making improvements. Only time will reveal the amazing advancements of this indifferent thing so often called "mother nature."

The tragedy in Japan that caused such unspeakable misery and death was (according to Darwinian evolution) simply nature...still improving things. You have no other choice but to accept this distasteful conclusion. It is your view of this planet's history, and today is tomorrow's history. Why should anything change, just because it's abhorrent?

You dare not abandon your worldview and concede that we live in a fallen creation--because of the moral implications. But I can see why you gravitate towards your cold definition of "nothing." There is something in the fridge, but for some reason it turns your stomach to even look at it. I strongly suggest that it's not what you see that turns your stomach, but that something is seriously wrong with your godless appetite.

I speak from experience, and know that in our sinful state we don’t "hunger and thirst for righteousness," but rather "drink iniquity like water."

NOTE, EDIT: "molt" to "molten"