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Friday, April 8, 2011

Atheists and Fairy Tales

I'm always fascinated when I hear atheists mock the Bible. They say that it's nothing but fairy tales. They mock Adam, Eve, Jonah, Noah, and Jesus and His miracles with unending scorn. Yet, they don't believe that these people existed or that miracles really happened. To them, Adam and Eve didn't exist. Neither did Noah or Jonah. They think they are myths.

So why do they steam, scheme, rant and rave? It's like someone being upset at the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood or at the Pied Piper for leading a stack of children down the garden path.

Or is it that you know that if Adam did exist, then so does sin; and if sin exists, then you are morally responsible to God? Could it be that that's why you fight tooth and nail against Christianity? Could your love of darkness be the reason you so hate the light? See John 3:19-21 for the answer, if you dare.