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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mark Twain, Atheists, and Red Arrows

I have a lot of ideas. Some are good, and some are a little strange. Take for instance a strange idea I had for years. I noticed that car dealerships strive to get our attention with balloons flying above their car yards. I imagined driving along the freeway and seeing an arrow in the sky, with no visible means of support, pointing down at dealerships. Now that would get attention.

So around the middle of 2010, I had an arrow made, filled it with helium, attached it to clear fishing tackle, and sent it skyward.

It looked amazing (see pictures). The local Honda dealers were so excited about the concept they let us experiment by flying it above their dealership on the side of a major L.A. freeway. The concept worked! The landscape of America was about to change. Red arrows would be everywhere.

It was an incredible idea...until the wind came up, and blew it. The moment the wind hit the arrow it went like a big-game fish fighting for its very life. It twisted and turned, ducked and dived. We reeled it in, and after some serious thought as to how to stop the problem, we tossed it overboard.

Mark Twain had an idea that he believed would take off. He so believed in it, he poured all his wealth into the project, and it bombed big time. He went into bankruptcy, and that left him miserable for the final years of his life.

Now and then I post something that I regret posting. Perhaps it was something that looked good when I wrote it, but it bombed when it was posted. It's embarrassing, but I am in the enviable position of being able to delete it and forget it. One tap of my finger and it's gone, forever.

Perhaps you have done something that you regret and you wish you could take back. But you can't. It's happened and there's nothing you can do about it.

So it's important to know when to quit, and to quit while we are ahead. Today, repent and trust in Jesus, and God will delete your entire past.

You are just a distant descendent of Adam, still trying to hide from God; and atheism is your best hiding place. But there's a big red arrow pointing down at you from the heavens. Your hiding place has never hidden you from God. Not for a moment. You are going to bomb big time on Judgment Day, and have eternity to regret your sins. Quit while you are ahead.