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Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Atheist's Ultimate Mistake

Rugby is a great game. It's like American football, except there are no pads, it's faster, and the ball can't be tossed forward.

Our son records games for us so that we can enjoy watching them, and the cool thing is that he only gives us games in which our team doesn't lose. It's a win/win situation. So we never panic when the other team gets ahead. Not in the slightest.

Such is the case with Christianity. We can’t lose. I never panic for a second when an atheist thinks he’s ahead of the game by saying that God doesn't exist, that things evolved, or that the Bible is full of mistakes.

God exists. Nature (creation) proves that. Knowing Him proves it. The reality of the conscience prove's it. Having the gift of everlasting life proves it. Then on top of all that I have foreknowledge of Scripture. God has recorded the game from the beginning to the end.

Every sign of the age in which we live is perfectly lined up--from increased godlessness, increased knowledge, fear of the future, the trouble in the Middle East, earthquakes in different parts of the world, hypocrisy in the Church, and much more—perfectly pinpointed in Scripture. Then there's the verses that tell us that skeptics will predictably say that these signs have always been around…and they have, but the trouble around Israel gives us the timeline.

The only mistakes in the Bible are mistakes people have made, and atheists are making the ultimate mistake when they reject God's mercy. When they think that they will ultimately win, they delude themselves. But this isn't some game. Its outcome will determine where they will spend eternity.