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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Thanks for Your Thoughts

"Some of the disturbing personal attacks on Ray's mother are crossing the line. Who is monitoring this? Come on, what's the purpose of posting this kind of low class garbage?" Taiwan1997

Thank you for your concern. I am the one who has been monitoring the comments, and have deleted the bad ones. Those I have been letting through were pretty tame.

However, the nasty folks were a minority compared to all the kind and thoughtful words of most. Thank you.

I haven't been posting lately--not just because of my mother's death (by the way, I do have assurance of her salvation), but because God has placed something incredible into our hands.

It is very powerful and will no doubt become huge.

I'm not at liberty to share this with you at present, but will in the near future. I'm blown away by His incredible kindness.

Thanks for your patience. I may post again in a few days.