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Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Mountain of Evidence for Evolution

"There is indeed a mountain of evidence for evolution from fossil records to homology, chronology, distribution of space and time, geology, DNA, biochemistry, artificial selection ex. Wolf to dog, ecology, Nested hierarchies, embryology, comparative anatomy, geographical distribution, etc."

The above is typical of the modern cut-and-paste faith-filled atheist believer in evolution. The mass of proof he sees at a distance isn't even a molehill of evidence.

His problem is that he has never taken a close look at the mountain, and believes that he has a mammoth case with his long list. His "etc." means that he believes there are even more mountains, somewhere.

Maybe that works for the simple folk, but it doesn’t work for those who know that his evolutionary fossil "record" doesn’t exist. Of course fossils exist, but not as a record for evolution.

I don't have time to run down the long list of winding rabbit trails, other than to say that DNA is an incredibly complex "language", and to say that it's proof for evolution, rather than of intelligent design, is to confirm Psalm 14:1.

Also, you are not a primate, nor are you a relative of fish, pig, or the dog. You are a human being, created by God (with an intuitive knowledge of right and wrong), and therefore you are morally responsible to Him for your thoughts, words, and deeds...whether you believe it or not.