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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thankless and Blind Atheism

We can't live without water. An incredible 97% of it is in the form of salt water oceans and yet we can’t drink it or even use it for crops. Drinkable water for the billions on the earth only amounts to 3% of the total amount. But 2% of that is shut up in the form of ice on the polar caps, and so that leaves just 1% of the earth's water available to sustain life on earth. This fresh water sits in lakes, ponds, rivers, streams, and in deposits beneath the soil.

However, there is one other place in which vast amounts of fresh drinkable water are stored. Trillions upon trillions of tons of water sit above us in the form of pregnant puffy clouds. These great water deposits float like feathers above our heads, and they do so because of fixed laws.

The water gets there because of an incredible process called "the water cycle." This happens when the waters of the earth change from their heavy liquid form and become water vapor. As the sun heats the water, it rises and forms itself into lighter than air water deposits we call clouds.

As this happens, salt and impurities are left behind on the earth so that we can have a supply of salt to give taste to our food, and drinkable water, which, before the evaporation process, was pestilential.

The clouds sit above us, storing trillions of tons of clean, life-giving, fresh drinking water. This is placed at between 10,000 and 20,000 feet in the sky, and it if wasn't for the process of "condensation," that's where it would all stay, and we would all eventually die of thirst.

Condensation is the opposite of evaporation. It occurs when the gases that transported the water to the clouds because of heat, form back into water because of cold. This cooler temperature causes the gas to form into drops, and then drop (or drip), so that we can have crops from the drops and drink cool fresh water. This process is called "precipitation," or "rain" for us common folks.

The rain falls to the earth, is collected in lakes, rivers and streams, and because of gravity, eventually finds itself transported into the vast oceans where it evaporates, is cleansed, and falls again so that we can have crops and drinking water. This means that water never really disappears down the drain. Thank God, it comes back to us so that we can live.

So it seems that the water cycle is simple. Heat and drink. In other words, we could easily copy God’s water cycle and create fresh water from salt water, by heating salt water and catching it:

"In April 2000 the Texas Water Development Board approved a $59,000 grant to the Lavaca-Navadid River Authority to determine if building a $400 million plant on Matagorda Bay at Point Comfort would be economically and environmentally feasible. There is a power plant at this location that could supply the heated sea water for the membrane process. The study was released two months later and the cost rose to $755 million, but this included the cost of transmission facilities to San Antonio."

"Ocean water desalination is extraordinarily expensive – more than 10 times the cost of Aquifer water, and a plant and pipeline would cost well over $1 billion in today's dollars."

Look at the incredible cost--simply to imitate what God makes available to us at no charge. Of course, the atheist doesn't think of or thank God for all this, because he believes that nothing created everything, including the water cycle.

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Edit: "It covers 97% of the earth" changed to "An incredible 97% of it is..." (Thanks to James Bond).