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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Most Atheists Don't Know Their Bible...

"Mr. Comfort can I ask a question about baptism, for the first say 1500 years was seen as necessarily for salvation, yet your organization holds that it is not." Robert

It seems that you don't know your Bible very well. Baptism isn't (and never has been) a requirement for salvation--see Ephesians 2:8-9. A gift cannot be earned nor can it be deserved (see also Romans 6:23). If you think you can earn the gift of salvation, then eternal life isn't a gift at all—-you are owed it by God because you earned it by "doing" something. This is a very common and tragic error made by the millions (perhaps billions) of religious people, who think they can buy their way into Heaven. God will not be bribed on Judgment Day.

"But you make your living off the Bible, which is fine, but the Bible was not written in a vacuum, it was not a dictated document, it was written translated, and then re-translated. It was messy, and rather human."

It was inspired and preserved by God (see 2 Timothy 3:16). Nothing has changed down through the ages. You can see this for yourself by checking Greek and Hebrew manuscripts (do a search and study). Don't believe what people tell you. Check it for yourself--because your own eternal salvation is the issue at hand.

"Now from what I have seen here you and your ministry seem to have a deep contempt for being human, you are pro birth, but have deep contempt for those that are born, you hold to the sanctity of life, but you think all humans are utterly lost and enemies of God."

You seem a little confused about this issue also. God knows that I have a deep love for humanity, and have spent just on 40 years pleading (without pay) in the open air--over 5,000 times--to those that the are referred to as "the unsaved" (because they are heading for death and then Hell). Your confusion may come from the fact that I wholeheartedly side with God and His testimony regarding the wickedness of humanity, including myself. See Romans 3:10-23 for His testimony about us, and then watch tonight's TV news to have it confirmed.

Man is not good at all. He is desperately wicked. Then do an honest soul-search, judging yourself from the perfect holiness of God's Law (see Matthew 5:27-28) so that you don't make the mistake of judging yourself by man's very low moral standard.

If you do judge by man's standard, you will think that you are morally good, and never seek God's mercy--which is alone in Jesus Christ. You will stay in your sins and reap the Justice of a holy Creator...and that is a fearful thing.