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Monday, September 26, 2011

YouTube Comments About "180"

"I'm not a fan of Ray Comfort, but I have to hand it to him, he did a great job putting this video together. As a pro-life Atheist, I was afraid this video was going to be arguing against abortion using Christian rhetoric, once again...good job Ray, and as a pro-life Atheist -- I support this video!"

"I am a Witch but am prolife and have always been. I have no desire to share the Gospel part of this but some of it seemed pretty interesting."

• The best 33 minutes of video ever made.
• Wow!!!! It was powerful!!
• What a profound movie.
• FANTASTIC!!! I've just emailed the link to everyone I know!
• Very very powerful!
• Wow!!!!........speechless....just wow man! A MUST SEE for sure!
• Amazing!!
• Awesome awesome movie! I hope it changes the world!!
• Well done! That was better than I thought it would be.
• Brilliant argument. Brilliant video.
• I'm a DUDE and I CRIED. Thumbs up Ray.
• Definitely life changing.
• One word...WOW and I'm 14.
• All I can say is wow!
• This video is awesome.
• Wow, this is amazing and inspiring!
• Wow, powerful video.

You can now watch it freely on http://180movie.com/

Pic. 1. A Jew-hating neoNazi caught with a hidden camera and a concealed mic.
Pic. 2. A young woman is shocked at what she heard.