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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Was it Hitler and the Prostitute, or Something Else?

As I wept my way through the Holocaust doing research for a new book called Hitler, God and the Bible, I thought that I would uncover why Adolf Hitler so hated the Jews. But all I found were a number of theories; no one really knowing for sure as to why his hatred was so venomous.

Some surmise that he was insanely jealous of the Jews because many were able to stay financially secure during the 1929 depression. Others think that he was bitter because he contracted syphilis from a Jewish prostitute. In Mein Kempt he called it a "Jewish disease," and this lead to speculation by some that he may have contracted the disease himself.

Still other authorities believe that his hatred grew out of a sense of rejection, after he submitted his paintings to the Vienna Academy of Fine Art. Hitler claimed that the professors that rejected him, were Jewish. Others believe another theory--that "The core of his hatred lies at the defeat of Germany in WWI."

Perhaps it was a combination of each one that fostered the fire of hatred, that consumed the lives of six million Jews. However, I believe that there was another factor that clearly fueled the fire, and one that is often overlooked.

Adolf Hitler had a huge reason to kill Jews, because they helped him to finance his war-machine. Every time he seized the assets of wealthy Jewish families, it meant money in his bank. Big money. Cash, adding up to many billions of dollars came directly from their murder. According to those who have access to the details, he financed a massive 30 per cent of the German war effort by killing Jewish families and stealing their wealth.

Mass Jewish murder of the wealthy was an extremely attractive, lucrative, and lawful business in Germany, and the economics even trickled down to the not-so-wealthy Jewish families. It all added up--from the taking of their homes, their vehicles, their paintings, their savings, the extracting of gold from their teeth, the cutting the rings from off their fingers, to the valuable hair on their head—all of it added up to big money for Adolf Hitler and his cause. His love of the money that gave him the power that he so craved, was just as incendiary as his hatred of the Jews.

Here now is another mystery that I'm sure has also left many in a quandary. Why are so many feminists so incredibly zealous for a woman's right to choose? They have the enthusiasm of religious zealots. They pressure politicians to be pro-choice, engage celebrities to rally for the cause, and strongly advocate voters to vote for a woman's right to choose. They protest, raise their angry voices, boldly hold up signs, and viciously demonize those who speak up for the rights of the unborn. Why is that? What fuels their fiery passion?

There's no doubt that some believe that abortion is a woman's right, because the baby is not human or that it's just part of her body. But others in the industry have another reason to be adamantly pro-abortion. They are the joyful recipients of a very successful and lucrative business. If you don’t believe that abortion is a huge money-making scheme, check out your local provider for current prices. With the efficiency of a drive-through, they will expedite the killing of your baby for just $765 for up to a 16-week-old child, but the price increases if the baby is over 19 weeks. You will be shelling out three times the amount, and paying a whopping $2,165 (see http://www.fpamg.net/fees for current prices).
That's pretty good income for a few minutes of ripping off the arms, the legs, and head of a baby onto a table; checking the body parts to make sure they’re all out, and then putting them in the trash. It's just 15 to 20 minutes work for a skilled physician. And it's all legal, efficient, and done behind closed doors, just like the Holocaust. The love of money is still the root of all evil.

Pro-abortion people are committed to their convictions. They kill for the cause. But for us, the cause has to be a hill to die on. We must not, cannot, and will not let the slaughter continue. We produced an award-winning movie called “180” that gives another perspective on abortion, and more than often those who watch it do a complete 180. Watch it. Absorb it; and then please pass it on, and make a difference when it comes to the horror of abortion: www.180movie.com