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Monday, January 23, 2012

Life of Joseph

Comfort Food
Read the Bible in a year: Genesis 38, Psalm 41-43, Matthew 25

The life of Joseph is amazing. While it’s important to see that the story is a “type” of the life of the Savior, it has many practical lessons for us--from Jacob favoring one son above his others, to the power of jealousy and its predictable progression to murder. But what is thrilling about Joseph was his ability to patiently suffer while innocent, and then to forgive. Potiphar’s lusty wife destroyed his reputation and had Joseph thrown into prison, but there is no word of him angrily getting back to her after he was exalted politically. Perhaps he never had to, because she destroyed her marriage by running off with another slave. God knows. Then there’s the butler and baker episode, where Joseph was left to rot in prison, and the wonderfully forgiving attitude he had towards his nasty brothers, after he revealed himself to them. So take the time to study the life of Joseph, and watch not only for the parallels to our redemption in Christ, but for all the life’s lessons we can learn--and in doing so, save ourselves some pain.

Copying the Healing Power of the Body
The body’s capacity of healing itself of scrapes and cuts can be invaluable if applied to polymers composites used to build aircraft fuselage. “Self-healing plastics” is the name of a composite material in development by scientists. These plastics are made from hollow fibers and filled with epoxy resin that is released when the fibers are damaged with cracks or stresses.

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