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Friday, January 6, 2012

Spotting a Liar

Comfort Food

Read the Bible in a year: Genesis 11-12, Psalm 14-16, Matthew 8

Whenever someone makes me a promise, I think of Psalm 15. I suspect that the promise is a tell-tale that they person is probably a liar, and I'm usually right. Both Jesus and James tell us that we shouldn't back up our word with an oath. This is because it reveals that our word isn't enough. When a Christian says he will do something, it doesn't need anything else to back it up. Psalm 15 says that a godly person will keep his word whatever the cost. The entire Psalm describes the godly character. He lives in honesty, practices righteousness, and it all begins in the heart. He doesn't gossip about or despise anyone, but honors those that fear the Lord. Neither is he greedy of gain. Those who do such things will never be moved...not even by death. They are preserved by God because He has done a work in their heart, and living the Psalm 15 life is evidence of salvation.

Dessert: Copying the Grub to Make the Chainsaw

"The chain of the chain saw was invented in 1943 by Joseph Cox, who was a machinist working as a logger. At the time, despite the invention of various motorized saws, long (up to five meters), human-powered, cross-cut saws still dominated commercial logging. Cox examined the way the mandibles – the side-to-side jaws – of the grub of a timber-mining beetle cut tunnels through fresh wood. He then devised cutters, as in Figure 8, based on those mandibles..."1. (From, Theft! The Stealing of God’s Design—Master books—publishing date April 2012)

"By perseverance the snail reached the ark." ― Charles H. Spurgeon

Notes: 1. Budde, R., Phys. World, 1995, 8, 22.