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Friday, February 3, 2012

Bathsheba on Billboards

As someone who desires to reach the lost, you have enlisted as a good soldier of Jesus Christ. You have been recruited for warfare, not to idly eye this sinful world. If you have any inkling to, you can be sure the enemy will have a Bathsheba in your sights.  You will see her on billboards, in movies, magazine covers, and television advertisements.  She wants to find her way into your thoughts and into your dreams.  If you are bored, depressed, or plagued with lustful thoughts, then make sure you get rid of every avenue to her door, because with a click of your mouse you can commit adultery in your heart (see Matthew 5:27-28).  

Jesus said that if your hand causes you to sin, cut it off, and then cast it from you; that’s how terribly serious sin is. Hands are pretty handy, so it would be better and easier to get rid of the mouse and cut off Internet access.  If you don’t make a move in that direction, you are a standing target for the enemy. So go onto the streets (the highways and byways) and share the gospel with someone who is on their way to Hell, and doesn’t know it.  Compel them to come into the kingdom of God. 

There’s no room for idle thoughts if you are keeping your mind in the battle for the lost.  I want to eat more if I’m doing nothing. If I find myself idle, I find myself standing in front of an open refrigerator. But if I keep myself busy doing something, I hardly think about food.  If I pack my garden with healthy plants, there will be no room for weeds.  We must fill our minds with the Word of God, prayerfully cultivate a healthy fear of the Lord, and keep busy with a passion for the lost rather than for our neighbor’s wife or daughter.