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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Dealing with Goliath

If you have a passion to reach the unsaved with the gospel, you are going to confront Goliath. This is the giant the Bible calls “the spirit of fear” that will come against you and taunt you the moment you decide to reach out to the lost. When it’s a one-to-one encounter or you are preparing to preach open air to a crowd, you will hear his tormenting voice telling you that what you are about to do will result in you being torn limb from limb and fed to the birds.
I have a friend who was a Navy Seal who told me that he felt less fear sky-diving for the first time, than he felt the first time he stepped onto a box to do his first open air preaching. This sort of fear certainly has “torment,” and the only way to overcome it is to do what David did. He slung Goliath a straight-forward mind-impressing message that he wasn’t going to be deterred, and then he cut of his head. That silenced his big and loud mouth.
Take a lesson from Scripture--deal with your fears once and for all, and then never listen to them again. Instead, listen to the Word of God and its warning of what will happen to the unsaved. If any son or daughter of Adam dies in his or her sins, they will be justly damned in a terrible place called Hell. We should let such a thought torment our conscience until we open our mouths and speak boldly, as we ought to speak. We have a sobering task to do and with the help of God, we will do it.